Original Golden Nugget Trim Parts Wanted Hi Top

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Original Golden Nugget Trim Parts Wanted Hi Top

Postby danforth » Mon Mar 11, 2019 10:25 am

I have an original Golden Nugget HI Top that is missing 4 parts. I am looking for the chrome plated runners that go along the sides of the cabinet base as well as an original money bowl and money bowl trim. I know the casino cast these parts in solid brass and chrome plated them, I think the runners for the sides would work from any of the cabinets ( Aikens, Half Top and Hi Top ) , the money bowl and trim will most likely need to be from another Hi Top. I have some Mills and Jennings parts to trade if you prefer to swap parts. I might need to cast these parts in aluminum and chrome them if I can't find originals, I know the money bowl trim is huge and this option may be very ambitious. Thanks for your input / help. J.D. 949-637-1616
slot pic GN high top 10 cent.JPG
slot pic GN corner.JPG
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