Mills Hi-Top kicker advice

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Mills Hi-Top kicker advice

Postby fgurnee » Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:33 am

I have a Mills Hi-Top circa 1946. I didn't plan on getting into this things so deep but here I am. Looking at the kicker (old style) it seems somewhat worn but I have nothing to compare it with. If it were easy I would replace it. I read a previous post that said "
oldslotman wrote:It is a bit of a job the get to the kicker. You have to remove the reel bundle and payout tube to make it easier. If it is working I would leave it as it is.
. However, even with those off I can't see how to remove the kicker without significantly more disassembly.

My question is, should I leave it? The reels work fine. Or, can I get it off without a huge effort? Thanks.

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