Part of a live auction $1 slot machines

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Part of a live auction $1 slot machines

Postby sam2002 » Sat Jul 30, 2016 8:07 am

Well I see the dollar auctions are back up and running on ebah . All those glamorous looking machines that seem to cycle through auction after auction same machines over and over . Has anyone on this forum participated on one of these machine and been successful in capturing one of these prizes ? Who is sponsoring these farce auctions ?
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Re: Part of a live auction $1 slot machines

Postby sam2002 » Sun Jul 31, 2016 10:12 pm

Sent this message to seller

Can you tell me about your auction ? I have an interest in some of your listings though I am a bit puzzled as your listings seem to have repeat sales . Can I items be picked up a day or 2 after the auction ? Your feedback is questionable and this concerns me also , wouldn't want to have issues after a completed transaction. .
Are there reserve prices on your items ?

Here is the reply

New message from: governmentauctionlive Top Rated Seller(6,220Green Star)
Our internet auctions are conducted live in real time. Yes, we do sometimes have items that are re-listed. This can happen when the winning bidder fails to follow through on the sale. Your order will be shipped as we do not offer local pick up. Although our auctioneer conducts the internet auction in Santa Clarita we do not have a warehouse in the area. Feedback is posted based upon the bidders experience; some is honest; some is not.

Thank you,
Customer Service
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Re: Part of a live auction $1 slot machines

Postby SLOT DYNASTY » Mon Aug 01, 2016 2:37 am

Well, that sure answers everything! Yeah, Right!
How about "some items are listed Multiple times", not just once. I doubt if they would have more than
one person back out of a single item more than once. It could happen, but not on as many items that
they tend to relist on a regular basis. If we are to believe all this BS, then I have a Bridge I would like
to sell. It's not really Gold, like some may think, but is a beautiful Orange color, and well maintained.
Oh yes, and it's RARE, because it is the only one!
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Re: Part of a live auction $1 slot machines

Postby Richard13 » Mon Aug 01, 2016 5:11 am

Be careful with that seller. They are selling at auction items for sale all over the place. It's hard to actually nail down who the seller is to ask questions and get additional information and the shipping!! The shipping is out of your hands you are stuck with what ever the actual seller charges you. Places like antique dealers and other small auction houses are the real owners and sellers. This outfit is just collecting the juice on what ever they can sell. eBay is there if you get screwed but what a hassle to bother with.
Looking for survivor machines especially vendor fronts or original side vendors with or without
a machine. 1920's-30's goosenecks, round escalators. I enjoy hand painting the castings.
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