Mills golden nugget worth the money or steer clear

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Mills golden nugget worth the money or steer clear

Postby Drazic78 » Fri Jun 01, 2018 2:28 am

I'm a total novice and want to buy a nice slot machine , been looking at online shops and seem expensive (any good sources to buy from let me know) been watching ebay for a long time and the machines are always to far away or occasionally closer but not what I want, one came up recently on ebay a golden nugget item no 253647185405 , I think looks great been in conversation with them they are stuck at £1200 and I have offered £1100, while searching out more info have found this is not a original , so is it a vintage made to look like nugget or repo, is it worth £1200 or just rubbish , any help would be appreciated as time is important as was going to get this weekend until found out not original
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