Watling Rol-a-top repainting / restoring

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Re: Watling Rol-a-top repainting / restoring

Postby watlingboy » Tue May 19, 2020 2:59 pm

Although it may look lighter than the coins, if you enlarge it you can see the gold color, it’s just lighter. You’re looking at an unrestored 84 year old machine, hands rubbing on it have lightened it over the years. If you look at the coin entry you can see the bare aluminum around it where the tinted lacquer has completely worn off. Only the cast in horns were painted with the tinted lacquer. The removable horns were chrome plated and sometimes just polished brass, these were usually found on Bird of Paradise slots.

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Re: Watling Rol-a-top repainting / restoring

Postby gsx11r » Wed May 20, 2020 2:49 am

madpug3 wrote:The coins we currently have which came with the machine are actually tokens (like you said it has been in the French market, we got it from Belgium). I’ve attached a photo, we have been looking for some more that will work as we’ve tried a few very similar coins/tokens with no luck. I will try the Francs that you mentioned if you think these will work as we definitely could do with more of them to fully fill the machine.

Do you can post some photos of the Mechanism ??
When the Mechanism is out of the Wood case ,check the coin tube size , if the diameter is : OUTSIDE/ 27mm (arround 1 inch) and INSIDE/25mm try with 25ç$ and let me know !
it s will be ok for the complet escalator but maybe stopped at this step:

If the coin tube is more small , try with 5ç$ but I think that you will have a problem on the rotor.
Try and let me know.
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