Exhibit Supply Novelty Merchantman Digger

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Exhibit Supply Novelty Merchantman Digger

Postby geezertom » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:04 pm

Any and all knowledge of parts, paperwork, ads would be appreciated. Currently trying to find internal cams and motor that drive operating levers. Would like to correspond with anyone who has Exhibit Supply Digger.
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Re: Exhibit Supply Novelty Merchantman Digger

Postby SLOTMANDAVE » Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:46 pm

Hi, I also just picked one up and have no idea where to start with it, My cabinet is in rough shape but I can handle that, but as far as the gears and workings of it that will be a job to figure out. If you find any one who can help please post it.
Thanks dave
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Re: Exhibit Supply Novelty Merchantman Digger

Postby clubconsoles » Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:14 am

I restored one a few years ago, but have no parts sorry.
mine has a replacement motor.
Have you tried James roller, he has lots of parts for diggers?
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Re: Exhibit Supply Novelty Merchantman Digger

Postby geezertom » Tue Feb 27, 2018 4:29 pm

I completely re-did the insides of the Novelty Merchantman. I've had it for 25 years and it worked fine then in the last couple of years went wackey. Exact same one as shown in clubconsoles's photo on posting. Unfortunately, Jim Roller has retired and sold off all of his stuff. He has been a wealth of knowledge with suggestions and such. The cams in my machine are completely non stock, done with phenolic cams from some other machine and they started slipping on the shaft. I believe that whoever re did this machine originally had very little in the way of a shop at their disposal. You have to sit for a long time studying how this baby works to be able to fix it because there just is no information out there. Even Jim toldd me that he has never seen any type of manual for it. The movement on mine was based on micro switches to start and stop and a motor that had pulleys and a v belt. Original machine was all gears from what I have seen.

Mine never had the cast alum art deco feet and would love desperately to find some. Probably a fools errand. I have tons of photos of the progress which I would share if there is interest. I probably would just send them via email to anyone interested.

So, if anyone has a source for the feet I would love to hear about it.
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Re: Exhibit Supply Novelty Merchantman Digger

Postby 3reel » Mon May 11, 2020 9:18 am

I've restored the Merchantman digger I own. It is a pre-war example as it has a solid wood front door and no florescent lighting as later ones had a florescent above the front window. Also the front long aluminum casting is plain, no large oval in center with Merchantman logo, just a "bump" in the casting. Mine originally had a gumball vendor in it, operated by the linkages above the mercury switch and vended the gumball through a hole in left side of the prize drawer. The gumball "tank" was aluminum casting, located just below the left side top of prize shelf. The prize shelf had a trap door in the tin, prize surface to open for loading the gum. All this was removed years ago and the hole in the drawer was blocked off. I'll never find those parts! Some Merchantman's had drop chutes for nickels and a return cup, and some had a coin slide without a return cup. There were TWO different internal sheet metal drawers in the Merchantman, one for the coins and one for the clean out section under the prize door. They were different sizes with pull rings on the fronts. All my internal parts are good shape, original. The top front door used 2 very strange locks that had opening "jaws" when locked. The paneled wood side doors used typical desk type locks (similar to a Mills back door lock, but used a regular type key). The bottom side lock used a "hook" type cam, often seen in many trade stims from the 1930's. The front cast aluminum feet were fancy whereas the rears were plain, but buffed to a high shine. If yours are missing, it will be hard to find a whole set, so consider using repro feet you see on early, fancy coin-op machines that have been reproduced now for some time, in aluminum, brass, etc...I think they would look OK and do the job!
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