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Re: Another Worthwhile Forum

Postby marsonion » Sun Mar 10, 2013 12:18 am

andydotp wrote:

Pardons begged as I am biased towards the above. Due in part because I'm from there but now live in a country devoid of anything remotely resembling a healthy coin-op scene and secondly because I know a few members personally and have forged numerous valued friendships on-line since joining.

So, perhaps the wider US audience could consider this:
Our verbal intercourse & exchange of knowledge, pics and a little goss, conjecture & humor via this fine forum is merely via keypad and the click of a mouse for the vast majority of us.
Meaning: we're all playing in the global internet 'sand pit'.
Up there in the UK - on the Forum, most of the slot and trade stimulator posts relate to original American machines - usually in British guises and I for one regret the lack of US input and interest. Bar a few US regulars of course.
Just my two cents worth.
(AU2c that is :D ),,
which is only worth .68 of yours... :wink: short-changed again. #-o .

Don't say that, Mate. Don't even think it! A little story: I went to look over some inventory a few years ago, and found a forlorn-looking US penny machine in a corner, the likes of which I'd never seen before. (Turns out it wasn't a US penny machine at all.) It had a rotary escalator but the front appeared to be clad in chipped-out silverized polystyrene, looking like a plastic model kit that had been kicked around for a while. I asked the vendor, "What happened-- did somebody take a Pace mechanism and put some cheap-ass plastic cabinet around it--?" The guy looked a little hurt, then explained, "That's an Aristocrat from Australia, and the mechanism is everything that Pace should have been, but wasn't." Then he pulled out the mech and I marveled at it. In fact, my jaw dropped. All of the castings, machined parts, even the damn shoulder screws were masterworks of exquisite, sublime finery. I was moved. Didn't know what to say. I was thoroughly bewildered. Though too nonplussed to make an offer, I never forgot those beautiful green castings and those lovely (really) bearings. Why don't more people know about this? Why aren't you bragging about it, here and now?

I'm afraid that the answer is we're all stuck in a sort of ghetto, where things that aren't all-that get red-carpet treatment while some truly beautiful product goes completely unrecognized. That's a marketplace for ya!
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Re: Another Worthwhile Forum

Postby andydotp » Sun Mar 10, 2013 5:46 am

Good on you marsonian,
I couldn't agree more regarding the good old Aussie Aristocrat mech. Credit to Mills for sure but those green-framed "rotary throat" (Len Ainsworth's term I believe) machines are indestructible and pain free.
As for "Why aren't you bragging about it, here and now?

Shy. :oops:
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Re: Another Worthwhile Forum

Postby buzzojoe » Sun Mar 10, 2013 6:14 am

Regarding the COCA forum going away, I agree about the control thing. The COCA magazine is really good, and I basically just look at my COCA membership as a subscription to a great Coin Op magazine and nothing more. There was some good information on the COCA forum and I was very sad when it disappeared! I've been pretty vocal on this forum lately regarding COCA and the "old guard" collectors in the hobby. I don't mean for it to be anything personal against anyone. I just feel strongly that we need to do whatever we can to bring new people into the hobby as opposed to having an "elitist" attitude where we "take our ball and go home" if we are criticized or questioned....
Just my 2 cents.
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