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NOTE: Fields in BOLD are required. Everything else is optional. You must enter you username and password if you want to upload a photo.

You may select the known Manufacturers and Models from the dropdown lists or manually enter the value. If the name does not exist in the dropdown then just manually put it in.
Serial Number Information

Characters BEFORE Serial Number
Serial Number (digits only):
Characters AFTER Serial Number:

Some companies (e.g., Watling) put a code before the serial number (e.g. ROL). In addition, sometimes numbers or letters are put in after the serial number. If you machine has these special things please put them in the appropriate fields on the left.
Coin Denomination: If the machine takes multiple coins then enter that in the field like $.05/$.25 (if it takes nickels and/or quarters). If the machine takes non US coins you can enter what it takes (e.g., 6P for a 6 pence machine)
Date of Manufacture (if known)
Month: Day: Year (4 digits):
If you don't know month, day, or year then leave those fields blank.
Condition of machine:  
Unusual Features: For example, does it have skill stops, mint vendor, side shooter?

Machine Type
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Slot Trade Stim Arcade

Although not required, please check the appropriate boxes. Doing so will help up keep things organized by machine type.

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If you do not enter your Username and Password then the entry will be submitted as anonymous and you will also not be able to edit the entry in the future.

If you do provide your username and password you will be allowed up upload a photo of the machine.

Do NOT hit submit twice. Doing so will prevent you from adding a photo.
Once you submit you will be given the option to upload a photo.

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