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antique Coin-Op machines

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of this?
    This is an attempt to record serial numbers for antique coin operated machines. Specifically, slot machines, trade stimulators, and arcade. In the past books and articles have been published with serial number information. The problem with books and articles is that they are static. When a new example of a rare machine is found there is no way to update that list.

    Registries for collectibles are not new. There are many sites which allow people to enter serial information. This site is an attempt to provide that for coin operated devices.

    Note: If you are a pinball collector you should enter your information into the Pinball Registry ( )
  • I have rare and valuable machines. I do not want people to know that they belong to me. Can I submit data anonymously?

    We take your privacy very seriously.

    The short answer is YES. You do not need to create a user account to enter machines in the database. However, anonymous entries cannot submit a photo of the machine. If you want to submit a photo you will have to have a username and password (click on the join button). When you are putting in the information about the machine you can select an option to NOT allow anyone to contact you.

    In addition, if you do select the option to allow people to contact you the people contacting you will NOT be given your name, username or anything else. They will be required to fill out a form and their contact information will be emailed to YOU. You can then respond or ignore them.
  • Can I indicate if the machine is For Sale?
    Yes, you can indicate if you are willing to sell the machine. We do not ask for a price because, frankly, that is between you and whoever is interested in buying the machine. If people are interested they contact you via the mechanism discussed in the previous bullet.
  • Is there a fee to join?


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