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All members of COPS agree to the following Code of Conduct.
  1. I will not take an existing machine and modify it to make it a different machine. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    Modify a Mills Black Cherry and make it a Golden Nugget
    Modify a Penny Smoke and make it a Tavern by grinding off the Penny Smoke's top casting and putting on a fake plate
    Take a Watling Blue Seal and put reproduction Treasury castings on it
    Take a Jennings Model B and put a reproduction bottom Witch casting on it.
    Take a Caille Eclipse and modify it to a Caille Lone Star
    Put two single floor wheel mechanisms and castings into a replicated double case to make a double floor wheel
  2. I will not recreate any coin operated machine using new parts. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    Mills Golden Nuggets, War Eagles, High Tops, etc.
    Rock-Ola "Official Sweepstakes"
  3. If I own a machine that would fall into either of the above statements and go to sell it I will clearly state what it is. I will not use confusing terms like remanufactured or old/new parts. In addition, if I take this machine to a live auction I will inform the auctioneer in writing about what it is. If the machine goes to an online auction I will clearly state what it is in the description. To be clear, If a machine was converted from one machine to another using reproduction castings (e.g., Jennings Witch, Watling Treasury, Golden Nugget) I will state that in the description.
  4. If the Coin Op Preservation Society determines that I have not been acting in the interest and spirit of the mission of the Coin Op Preservation Society and removes my membership I agree to immediately stop using any logos associated with the Coin Op Preservation Society. I also understand that any dues that I may have paid will not be refunded.

The Coin Op Preservation Society recognizes that in many cases reproduction parts are needed to bring a machine back to life. For example, it may need new reel strips or new locks or a new back door or a new cash box. Sometimes it may need a new wood base. This is perfectly OK. We just don't want machines converted from a less desirable machine to a more desirable machine or a machine created with a majority of brand new parts.

The Coin Op Preservation Society also recognizes that sometimes a dealer or a collector may end up with reproduction machines because they might be part of an entire collection that was purchased. That is why we have rules on how to sell those machines.

The Coin Op Preservation Society has no rules about what a person buys. If a person want to buy a reproduction machine that is up to him/her and we really don't care. We just want to make sure the person represents it correctly when they go to sell it.



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