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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the beneifts to joining?
    There are several benefits. Frist of all you are helping to support the cause of honest selling of antique coin operated devices. In addition, you will receive customized logos that you can use in ebay listings, business cards, web sites, and stationary. This will show to others that you are a reputable buyer / seller of antique coin operated devices. This should give you an advantage over people who are not members of COPS and if you sell on ebay may help you get higher prices for your items.
  • Why is there a fee to join?
    Operating web sites is not free. Actually, far from it. The fees to join COPS helps defer the cost of running the COPS website, allows us to advertise COPS (e.g., get a logo designed), support other Coin Op related web sites (,, etc.). In addition, by charging a fee it might prevent the people who are not operating with integrity from joining. If there were no fee then they could join, get a logo, and use it with impunity. By charging a fee they know that when they get caught there will be no refunds.
  • Who formed this Society?
    There is a discussion group which is all about Coin Operated Devices ( . There is a special section dedicated to Ebay and how to identify reproduction slot machines and trade stimulators. The problem with reproduction machines being sold on ebay and the Internet is getting out of hand. Lots of people are getting taken advantage of. A group of collectors has notified ebay about these reproduction machines but ebay appears to do nothing. The listings of the reproduction machines continue and the ebay sellers continue to do it. This Society is an attempt to clean things up. To reward those who are not selling the fakes or converting machines.
  • Can anyone join?
    Yes, however, if we determine you are not following the Code of Conduct when it comes to selling machines you may be removed. We know several people on ebay who knowingly misrepresent their machines. If you are one of these people please don't try to join COPS. If you do we will turn down your membership. Please contact us ( if you want to confirm that you will be allowed to join before you pay.
  • Are you associated with the Coin OpCollectors Association (C.O.C.A)?
    Many of the members of the society are also members of C.O.C.A.. C.O.C.A. is not affiliated with COPS and any question regarding COPS should be directed here.
  • Do you allow businesses, like auction companies, to be members of COPS?
    We are looking into allowing businesses to be members.
  • If the machine is restored but the colors are not the same as factory original should I disclose this?
    You can if you want but there is really no need to do so. In many cases, people who restore machines have taken great liberty with the paint scheme. The most common example is the Rol-A-Top Bird of Paradise. Since the paint scheme is obvious and not hidden there is really no need to point it out. Of course, there is no harm in doing so either. Of course, if you advertise the machine as restored back to factory original then the paint scheme and colors should match the factory colors as close as possible. Unless you have the exact color formula it is impossible to match the color 100%.
  • Do I have to point out every single imperfection with my machine?
    No. Antique slots are antiques. Most are 70+ years old and all machines will have somekind of imperfection. We really only ask you to disclose major issues with the machine. Basically, if the new owner buys a machine, takes it home and discovers a major issue then that probably should have been disclosed. We know this is kind of open ended and we will try to adapt the rules as time goes on.
  • I feel I got ripped off by a COPS member. What are you going to do about it?
    Well, sorry to hear about that. Please send us an email ( and we may contact the person. However, this is run by volunteers and cannot guarantee anything. In no way can we be held financially responsible for anything.



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