Welcome to the Coin Op Preservation Society.

Attention: The founder of COPS was able to inspect the entire Bill Harrah coin op collection which will be auctioned off at the VCA (www.vcaauction.com) auction on Sept. 19th, 20th, and 21st.

Several YouTube videos (over 90 minutes) were made documenting the condition. These videos are available to COPS members to view. Go to http://www.coinopcollectorforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3054 for more information.

If you are wondering what this site is all about then please go to our FAQ.

The following Ebay User Ids / people/ companies have registered with the Coin Op Preservation Society and have agreed to our Code of Conduct rules when it comes to selling machines.

While, we cannot guarantee anything, by the above people agreeing to our code of conduct should decrease the liklihood of you not buying what you think you are buying when it comes to antique coin operated devices.

If you are thinking about buying a machine on eBay (or anyone for that matter) ask them if they are a member in good standing with the Coin Op Preservation Society. If they are not, well, you can figure it out.